America’s #1 Awarded Wine Club

92% of our hundreds of wines are award-winning. Discover the best way to find your new favorite wines.

The Firstleaf Difference

What to expect as you take the quiz:

  • We analyze hundreds of wines and billions of data points for every individual profile.
  • With over 500,000 customer ratings to guide our learning, our system can predict what wines you will love with unprecedented accuracy.
  • We utilize our inventory and match you to wines that resonate with your unique tasting profile, which updates with every single rating you give.
  • We stand behind our product and will credit you for any of the wines you don’t like.

Award-winning quality, always the same low price.

No matter how many awards a wine receives (over 1,200 and counting), each wine will always cost just ~$13 a bottle, and you can reorder any wine for that great club price.

100% Guarantee

Who guarantees you’ll absolutely love the wine you buy – or get a 100% refund without returning the bottle? We do.

Get started now and join the 50,000 wine lovers who have found their perfect wines.

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