About Daily Huff

 My story began in 2020 when the Pandemic Hit. I quit My 20 year career in finance & started building websites as a hobby. I created a few over the years but I really couldn’t devote my time and work full time. 

Once I retired I began a small news blog called Daily Huff. Figuring I had a lot to say and sometimes I was in a “HUFF” when I posted.

I struggled with that for a few months when I stumbled across “Subscription Box” websites and I found it fascinating. It was shortly thereafter that I turned my news blog into a “Subscription Box” website. I kept the same name & I joined a few Affiliate Marketing Networks and was quickly approved.

After being approved I then needed to get merchants to approve my application so I could add Banners and promote their products.  This was not an easy process as I didn’t have much subscription box content on my site.  Fortunately I was approved from a few Merchants and posted those banners and deals.

Creating & designing the website is rewarding & being involved with affiliate marketing and learning just made me want to do more.

So during the pandemic I kept joining merchants and adding more banners and deals and all this process had to offer.

I joined more Affiliate Marketing Networks and applied to more and more merchants; from beauty products to brands about pets. As my subscription list grew I found I wanted to find more information about new brands online and add more subscription boxes.  I continued adding content  as I was approved and also joined other media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.  My hope was to earn some extra money to supplement my income.

I soon learned that Subscription Boxes were a huge trend online. I found it to be a lot more work than I anticipated. Nevertheless I continued on.

Today I am still at this by myself and being a small new up and coming site my hopes are my audience will recognize and help out a small business.

I am improving every day!

Elaine Janes