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Dress Your Kids in Style – By Stitch Fix for Kids

Style your kids just right. Try before you buy keep the favorites,
Return the rest.
No Subscription required but available

To get started, you need to complete a “Style Quiz”. To complete the quiz, you will need to create an account with your email address.
Items will be picked based on style and fit preference.   All quiz answers will be save to your account.

Indicate the price range size & preference. Pieces will be hand picked approximately 8-12 pieces.
You can “try on” pieces at home before you buy. Keep your kids favorites and send the rest back.

Pieces starting from $10

Set your price range for each  category in your kid’s style quiz. As a bonus, you’ll get 25% off when you buy everything in their Fix.

What you pay and when

There’s just a $20 styling fee per Fix order to cover the style expert’s advice and time. At checkout, it gets credited toward any items your munchkin keeps.

Style that fits at every age

For everyday or special days, the  right styles will be picked for you, from sizes 2T-18 to fit your kid. We learn what they like, and keep up as they grow.




No Subscription required. Try Stitch Fix once or set up automatic delivers


Free shipping, returns & exchanges—a prepaid return envelope is included. There are no hidden fees, ever.

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