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History Disappearing

History is not there for you to like or dislike.It’s there for you to learn about and see how it was before our time. If it offends you even better, we are less likely to repeat it. It’s not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us. Erasing history is like it never happened. How does someone do that? Do we rewrite our History Books and omit all that offends? No, it happened, that is why it is called history. Statues are a reminder of history, good or bad. So where does it stop? The White House? The US Capitol? The Smithsonian Institute? Faneuil Hall? Harvard University? Wall Street? The Egyptian pyramids? The Roman Colosseum? All were built by slave owners. Why is it the objections of a few delegate over the desires of the majority?

Our personal heritage- Do we erase that too because we don’t like where our ancestors came from? BLM movement probably won’t realize the harm its causing from all the protesting & demanding to remove any reference to slavery from the past. You won’t know the real affect until later down the road. (History).

Black people should be proud of how far they have come since slavery was abolished and not be known for the movement that ended up destroying our history and not what it started out to be.

Sure black people are treated unfairly, but other races are as well. It’s not all about the black community. You want rights? You want to be treated fairly? Then act like you deserve it instead of acting like animals in the street! Many have a good reason to protest in light of what happened to George Floyd, but to engage in a national movement “BLM” of which too many people went along for the ride just to say “I was involved” is applauding.

Too many groups got on the band wagon that had nothing to do with the BLM movement. The fact that there was protesting gave many a reason to get out in the streets and cause an uproar. If our news media didn’t broadcast every little detail for ratings how would we know?

We have Laws, and guidelines that our forefather, and government leaders set forth in the past to keep us safe and to have order in our society. Our parents have rules and regulation that children need to abide by. Without these, our world would have no balance. As it is now, people are running wild with no accountability. Why have police when no-one respects them? and unfortunately some Police have power ego. Citizens today have no respect at all for one another period! Too many people have that “its all about me”. attitude, What happened to the “good ole’ days? It’s all been erased!!!

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