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Instacart Experience

I decided to use “Instacart” when i realized Peapod wasn’t filling orders any longer in my area. Night after night I’d stay up til 1:00 a.m waiting for the Peapod site to release another day thinking I might be able to place an order. Weeks went by and just decided to try “Instacart”

I got on their website and immediately was impressed. I liked the fact that other stores were available for Instacart shoppers to go to. I choose Stop and Shop because that is what I was use to. “that might change“. While filling my cart, items that might be available, I received an alert indicating supply was getting low. I could take the chance or get something else. Not too much difference than Peapod. I continued to fill my cart, some items that I would order on Peopod weren’t offered on Instacart. Not a huge deal breaker. At the end of my shopping, finding a time slot for delivery was seamless. I could have it that day or push out my delivery for about 2 week and a bunch of slots in between. I choose the 2 week option because Peapod delivered to me 2 weeks previously and I was getting low on food.

Small Con for me: Unlike Peapod, I had to supply my credit card for payment. I wasn’t too keen on that aspect, but did it anyways. After All I needed groceries. Filling out the profile before beginning shopping was simple. One difference I noticed was, they asked for a way to be contacted so the shopper who was filling my order could call or text me. I thought that was a nice feature.

Once I finished filing my cart and choosing a date for delivery I submitted my order and within a few minutes I received the confirmation in an email. Also received a text indicating that the shopping would contact me when he/she began to shop for me. Another feature I thought was nice.

As the time got closer to my delivery date I received a text indicating that I could add more items if I wish. Another feature I liked. Similar to Peapod as well. The day & time of my delivery I received another text indicating the the shopper had begun shopping for me items. Another Star for Instacart.

During the shopping process, i received several text messages from my shopper indicating that the some items i placed online weren’t unavailable and would I like a replacement. Pictures were sent to me so I could choose. If I wanted the replacement I checked “approved” on the app and the process continued. all throughout the shopping. I really liked that feature. All this was done thru the Instacart app. Refunds were noted on the app if my items was not purchased at all and if a replacement was chosen that too was noted on the app.

Once the shopping was completed, I received a text thru the app that the shopper was “done”. Shortly after that I received another text with a map indicating that the driver was on his/her way and within a few minutes my order was placed on my front door steps. Unlike Peapod you get what they had in stock and delivered was a guessing game within the window I choose and sometimes they were even later.

Fees are a little steep. There are “Delivery Fees” “Service Fees” “Sales Tax” of course, “Heavy Items Fee” and they take out a “Tip” automatically, but you can always tip more. Although the “fees” were a little much, I was impressed by the entire experience. “I WILL BE USING THEM AGAIN” !

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