Is There More To It?

I can’t be the only one that thinks that there is more to it than just a virus. It’s a good sell, but hard to believe it has come to what we all have been subject to since the beginning of March.

The U.S has dropped to it’s knees over the last month. Breaking news multiple times a day repeating what we already have heard over and over again. “Status Quo” as a commonly used phrase during the Trump administration. Trumps fault has been implied, and it will be go down in history that he is the cause. Election year is just around the corner. (If THAT doesn’t get postponed). How can voters get out and vote during these trying times. It won’t be a fair election. When Trump wins (general consensus) the Democrats will have to come up with another scam to bring Trump Down. The Russian interference in the 2016 election didn’t work. The Corona-virus didn’t work. It will be interested to see what BS the Democrats come up with after Trump wins the 2020 election..