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Jail House Cuisine: From the Right Side of the Bars

How did a nice girl like her wind up behind bars for 21 years feeding inmates? She chose to go there and never regretted it; in fact she had a blast! Louise Mathews takes you behind bars to show you what it is like cooking and eating in jails, all without the mess and pain of being booked and strip searched.

Since 97% of the riots are over food, it should be good! This is the first book to take a look at what it is like to cook and eat behind bars, examining in detail the many unusual events which occurred each day. Unique, funny and entertaining, from naked men in her kitchen on her first day to having a day named after her on her retirement, the story of her 21 years behind bars, as Chief with the San Diego Sheriff, details her “one woman crusade” to improve the food served in jails.

It is filled with delicious recipes from San Diego such as Easy Chocolate Cake with Mocha Frosting, Thai Chicken Curry, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Miss Marie’s Fried Chicken, and Ugly Duckling Cake. Throw in Tilapia Jambalaya from New Orleans, Chicken and Rice with Pigeon Peas from Puerto Rico, Alligator Stew from Florida, Cramique from Belgium, Tea Cakes from Canada, Country Collard Greens with Ham Hocks and Awesome Brownies from Alabama and you have a good idea of what to expect wherever you go to jail.

This is a “must have book” for foodies everywhere.

I know this lady personally. I use to babysit her kids when I was 16 & 17 years old. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have expected to receive a book from her that she wrote and after more than 50 years still remaining friends. She use to tell me back when that someday she would like to write a book. Don’t we all I thought.

Unfortunately she moved away before I graduated. For a short time she live in Virginia. Her husband being in the Navy they moved all around. I often thought that I’d be able to visit her, Virginia wasn’t that far away. Then a time came when they had to relocate once again but this time it was to the San Diego area and my chances of ever seeing her and the kids again was slim to none. Letters and Cards and pictures were nice to receive. I even started a photo album that I still have. Our long distance friendship continued.

Over the years she’d tell me she was writing a book but I never knew what it was about. I knew what her career was but being so far away living in the San Diego area I didn’t really think too much of it. Every year I’d get birthday cards and Christmas Cards and much loved phone calls to catch up. One year I was able spends a day with her on one of her business trips to Massachusetts. There is something to be said about long distance relationships. It’s like you have a piece of you out there somewhere from your sole.

I was always impressed by Louise in my teens. She was beautiful, smart, married had children and a husband in the Navy. That in itself wasn’t unusual, but the women was strong, confident, hard worker great mother VERY supportive of her husband and she treated me like one of her own. At times she was my confidant. Although some of the things she advised me about wasn’t always accepted but looking back over the years and looking at my life now, maybe some of that really did sink in.

While reader her book, I was amazed as how little I knew about Louise. But the strong,confident, hard working wife/mother and career women certainly is apparent. There are things in this book that made me laugh & Cry and just say WOW. I feel blessed to know Louise and although she is so far away she brings knowledge and strength to my life.

This book is more than just her story and her work as a chef at the San Diego Jail, there are tons of recipes and inside happenings from ” The Right Side of the Bars” that most of us will never realized or even care to understand. Once you read the book you will have a different perspective.

Five stars on AMAZON


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