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Lost Orders

In a perfect world we all expect people/companies to do things, say things, and follow thru, but unfortunately it doesn’t work the way we all want any more. There is nothing more frustrating when you need help and you just keep getting shuffled from one customer service rep to another.

How many times have you left a message for someone only to find out that person never received it?

How many times have you scheduled a date or meeting and someone forgot about it?

How many times have you ordered something and you never received it AND you got the run around?

How many emails have you sent to resolve an issue and you do not get a reply?

And the list goes on  and on and on. ALL of the above has happened to me.

At Daily Huff  I feel this is very important. Customer Services has declined over the years and it is very frustrating.  Large companies don’t seem to care and just shuffle around the problem. I hear it about sites like this one.  Affiliate Marketing is different than buying directly from the company. There are more and more out there today. Most everything you buy on the internet IS Affiliate Marketing: Wayfair, Walmart, Cratejoy, Shopify, mysubscription addition, and yes Daily Huff  to name a few; each of us with our own niche.  The one thing we all have in common though is “customer service” If this fails the company fails.

Daily Huff like many is an affiliate website where you purchase items as a pass thru to the actual merchant. Daily Huff does not take possession/ship any of the items you see on our website. Your clicks will bring you directly to the merchant’s website where you will purchase items from them directly.  This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Periodically, an order does get missed or part of an order does not shipped as expected.

Because Daily Huff is very small. There are only a handful of people that work with the merchants THAT makes it a lot easier to track down any orders that might have been missed or delayed.  We here at Daily Huff have direct contact with merchants; we have their emails, phone numbers & contact names. There is no reason any issue that comes up can’t be resolved.

If another Affiliate company tells you that they can’t help or there is nothing they can do that is a bunch of malarkey! It’s more like they can’t be bothered.

Tracking Your Order(s)

In order to get the ball rolling we would need your Name, emails address, and the receipt of the order(s) you purchased through “our” website. We can not help you with orders that you choose from another affiliate site. With that information we would forward it directly to our approved merchant’s contact and Daily Huff will follow up  until the issue is resolved.  Emails can be sent to: info@dailyhuff.com  All your emails WILL be answered.

Elaine Janes
Founder of Daily Huff