Beautiful Flowers - By Bloomsy Box

Unique Subscriptions – weekly, bi-weekly and monthly plans Available.
Offers Safe Pet Options

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Inside each box

Your Bloomsy Box

Inside is, first and foremost, a bouquet of beautiful blooms. We source our flowers from the best farms worldwide to deliver the highest quality and most unique varieties of florals. Most people don’t realize that different flowers require different levels of care to keep them healthy. Your BloomsyBox will arrive with the information to show you exactly how to best maintain your blooms, leading to longer vase life and more time to enjoy their beauty!

From Farm to your home

Reliable Delivery

We ship our flowers straight from the farms where they are picked, meaning you receive your blooms just 2-4 days after they are cut. This ensures the freshness of our product and gives you more time to enjoy your flowers! The best part? No more tired, dull grocery store bouquets! Our flowers are so fresh, they typically arrive in bud form – giving you the unique opportunity to watch them bloom before your eyes!

Weekly Plan

Bloomsy Weekly $44.99/Weekly 25-27 Stems

Bi-Weekly Plan

Bloomsy Bi-Weekly $49.99 Bi-weekly 25-27 Stems

Monthly Plan

* Bloomsy Roses $49.99/monthly 12-24 Stems
*The NYBG Subscription $69.99/monthly 30-32 Stems
*Plant Subscription $59.99/monthly (plants don't have stems) :-)
*Bloomsy Eucalyptus $39.99/monthly 9-12 stems
*Pet Safe Blooms $49.99/monthly 25-27 stems


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