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Peapod Sold Out

In these trying times, consumers are turning to groceries home delivery. Services like Instacart, Whole foods, Peapod and other services
are being stretched to capacity. Websites are crashing, delivery time slots are few and far between if non existent frustrating consumers. Peapod however seems to be the most hated/love services out there. Until recently their time slots were available at a reasonable rate. As of April 23rd, it appeared that their time slots are at least 2 weeks out and only releasing one day at a time delivery slots at 1 a.m. in the morning only to discover that new release day is also “sold out”. Logically how can that be? Consumers can’t fill time slots within the few minutes of releasing a new day can it? Calling Peapod customer service is a waste of time. “On hold” times is more than 45 minutes. Many supermarkets have “senior” hours, It is possible that Peapod could have “senior “time slot”? I’m thinking “not”

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