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VP Short List-Vetting process

If anyone caught The Late Show with Stephen Colbert May 21st you would of seen VP Joe Biden as his guest. Biden’s interview seemed more like a campaign speech rather than a leisurely “how are you and how has this pandemic been treating you”.

At times, it was very moving. What better way to get your message across to the American people than to be a “guest” on one of the most popular night time shows.

We all know that Colbert is anti-Trump. If you tune in each night you’re presented with his version of the day’s news related to Trump. Colbert’s popularity has risen since Donald Trump took office in 2016. Prior, it felt he struggled to come up with exciting material to keep his audience coming back each night. Although his embellished monologues each night since 2016 appear to be on mark, come November if Trump doesn’t win the election who will he bash?

After listen to Biden’s speech on how he would handle ‘executive power”, how he is briefed each day at 10:00 am with a 40 page document and how many hours it takes to go thru it, Colbert thew out that BIG question; WHO was Presidential Candidate VP Joseph Biden going to choose for his running mate. Not at liberty to expand on the question, Biden did share that there is quite a process to get to that point and continued to explain how HE came to be our Vice President during Obama’s term. In doing so, it might have given Colbert some in site who might be on Biden’s “short list”.

Colbert threw out Amy Klobuchar name and a few others, but seemed to favor Klobuchar. Biden indicated the the vetting process had NOT begun yet, but explained that when it does it is a very invasion process. I guess that means; “ALL skeletons will come out of the closet” or maybe they won’t for about 27 years when your running for president, Right Mr. VP? Where was Tara Reade when you were being vetted back in 2016? Can you say; Fake News?

The vetting process takes about five to eight weeks which would point to an announcement occurring no sooner than July. Colbert, get your pencil sharpened. Trump’s tweets are waiting in the wings.

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