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Little Passports

Little Passports is a subscription box service

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About Little Passports

Little Passports creates products that encourage children to learn about the world through monthly subscriptions, educational toys, and popular characters. They’ve delivered over 4 million packages to date, all of which were created in collaboration with professional educators, PHDs, and award-winning writers and designers.

Subscription Boxes

A new package will conveniently be delivered each month to your child’s door or mailbox. Through a variety of projects, activity books, full-color magazines, stickers, and trading cards that are suited for each child’s age, each kit encourages exploration and discovery.

Educational Toys & Activities

Ages 3 to 5 

Early explorers

The first delivery comes packed with everything they’ll need for the very first adventure:

Their very own Little Passports suitcase.
A wall-sized world map to chart their travels.
A welcome letter from pen pals Max, Mia, and Toby.
A pop-out playset and stickers.

An activity booklet packed with puzzles, games, and fun facts.

animals Wild

Adventure in the breathtaking Amazon rainforest in your first month. You’ll get:

Pop-up playset with lift-the-flap surprises featuring fascinating animals in the rainforest’s four layers

Rainforest Romp—Have a blast launching foam animal disks into a giant kapok tree!

3-D pop-out macaw, jaguar, emperor tamarin, and poison dart frog to use with playset

Matching game, maze, and other activities filled with fun rainforest facts

Educational Toys & Activities

Ages 5 to 8

Space Quest

Start your adventure by exploring the night sky! You’ll:

Build a cardstock planetarium that projects stars onto your wall and ceiling

Make a mini flashlight projector to guide a rocket, astronaut, comet, or planet around your room

Investigate the lifecycle of a star on a beautifully illustrated 16” x 20” poster

Step into the global story of astronomy in ancient times

Science Junior

The first delivery comes packed with everything they’ll need for their very first scientific expedition to Antarctica:

A welcome letter from pen pals Sam and Sofia

A full-color magazine packed with activities, puzzles, and stories

A special Weddell seal craft to play with and display

Play an Antarctic board game

Colorful stickers and collectible trading cards to share


Ages 6-10 World Edition 

Ages 7-12 USA Edition


Subscriptions inspire the young minds.

little Passport

To ensure that Adventures continue without a break, all subscriptions renew automatically. – cancel renewals anytime
All prices in US Dollars

Cancellation Polity

If you have purchased the Monthly Plan where we bill you on a monthly basis, you can cancel your subscription through your online account any time.

If you purchased a prepaid plan, we’d be happy to assist you! Get in touch at [email protected] or submit your questions here.

Gift Giving

Yes! Open up a world of discovery with a gift of Little Passports. When you place your order you can send a gift email to the recipient to let them know their gift is on the way! You can include a personalized gift message that will be included with the first package of your subscription

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