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Your Fur Babies Will Love You -Listed by KitNipBox

Monthly Cat Subscription Box. Portions of Proceeds go to Shelters. Doesn’t get any better than that!

As Low as $22.99/mo


What’s in a KitNipBox?

Boxes contain the best high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products.

KitNipBox supports over 100 animal welfare organizations nationwide. Each month, we donate a portion of our proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes.

Many KitNipBox items are custom made and each box features a new, fun theme.
– The product selections is focused on keeping cats healthy, happy, and fit.
– Subscribers always get a higher retail value than the price of the box.
Types of items included:
– Toys: catnip toys, wands, scratchers, gadgets, etc.
– Treats: healthy, natural treats. Alternate options available for cats with allergies or sensitive tummies.
– Hygiene Products: brushes, dental, eye, and ear hygiene products, etc.
– Accessories: bowties, collars, bandanas, costumes, etc.

KitNipBox offers free shipping in the USA and low cost shipping to the UK and Canada


Happy Cat KitnipBox

Free Shipping

Multi-Cat KitNipBox

$29.99/Month (Most Popular)
Free Shipping

Subscriptions renewal

Subscriptions renew automatically. You can cancel at anytime!

Special Shipping for CA Customers

$6.95/KitNipBox shipping applies to Canada

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